Why can't I just hire someone who has a drone to shoot video and photos for me?  Why do I need a certified sUAS pilot?

1.) Good question.  Because it's ILLEGAL for a drone to be operated for commercial purposes without a license/certification. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has now regulated commercial drone flight in such a way as to educate and prepare sUAS pilots to operate in a safe and responsible way.  

2.) Safety.  We have taken precautions from flight planning and preparation through the landing in order to operate efficiently and professionally.  

3.) Controlled Air Space.  There is air space that requires authorization in order to operate a drone safely.  We have taken the needed steps to legally obtain that authorization in places where we fly often, and can obtain that authorization in other places.  

4.)  Insurance. We are insured!   While an experienced/licensed sUAS pilot will fly safe and always be in control of his bird, having insurance in the event of a problem is just a good business practice.

5.) Artistic experience. With years of professional photography experience and video editing knowledge, we will provide you with more than just a few pics and some aerial video footage.  We will design artistic, aesthetically pleasing images and video that will be well worth your investment.